How We Make Dirty Rugs Clean Again

How We Make Dirty Rugs Clean Again

How We Make Dirty Rugs Clean Again

Not all rugs are made the same, or are subjected to the same amount of foot traffic or environment. We are capable of cleaning any rug or carpet, and have been in the business for many years and fine tuned our cleaning methods. Here's a simple break down:

1. Rug Inspection

Before we clean, we inspect. To assess the your rug’s materials, method of construction and types of soil. This will allow us to chose the best cleaning treatment for your area rug.

2. Dry Soil Removal

Dusting a rug Deep embedded soil can’t always be vacuumed from a rug. We ‘dust’ the rug using harmonic vibrations produced by a specialized dusting machine. We often remove pounds of dirt from a single rug using our dusting machine.

3. Spot Treatment

Sometimes spots in a rug receive a pre-treatment, so that they can be successfully removed during the cleaning process.

4. Topical Wash

Many rugs can be cleaned using a gentle topical washing and extraction process. Tufted rugs that have an unstable backing are often best suited for this method.

5. Immersion Pool Cleaning

Deep soluble soil can be flushed out in a shallow immersion pool. Many of our oriental rugs are cleaned in this way. In fact throughout history this was often the method of choice for natural wool and silk based rugs.


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6. Moisture Extraction and Drying

Excess moisture is removed using an extraction tool. Then we use large air movers and a specialized drying tower to quickly dry the rug. You don't want to let a rug air dry when full of water and cleaning products as it may remain moist for too long and get a funky moldy smell. Removing the water from the rug or carpet is important.

7. Post Cleaning Stain Removal

Stubborn stains can be treated after drying using specialized stain removal treatments. Be sure to read the instructions and the fabric content of the area your cleaning to ensure they're a good fit for each other.

8. Fringe Cleaning

Cotton fringe can be treated and cleaned after the area rug has dried. If it's decorative, it most likely will require more gentle care than your standard rug.

9. Final Inspection and Wrapping

The rug is inspected for the last time then wrapped in brown kraft paper for storage and returned to the client.

Have you tried these methods but haven't gotten the results you were looking for? Contact us for a quote today.